Girls State

Granville Student selected to attend Empire Girls State
Posted on 02/19/2020
Candidates and Representatives

On Wednesday, January 29, 2020, six of Granville High School’s top junior girls were interviewed to be our school district’s candidate for Empire Girls State.  Members of the Granville American Legion Auxiliary – Unit 323 who conducted the interviews were Charlene Whitney, Linda Bergen, and Eileen Troy.

In one week, the Girls State citizens will build the government of a mythical 51st state, from the local level up to the state level.  They will participate in campaigns, rallies, speeches, various legislative committees, create bills, and participate in a community service project.  The students will come as strangers and leave as friends, confident of their role and duties as citizens in a democratic society.

Each participant has the opportunity to apply for an obtain three (3) college credit recommendations following the completion of the Empire Girls State program.  These credits are offered to students from one of two different universities.

The Granville American Legion Auxiliary – Unit 323 has chosen Jenna Tooley as our 2020 Empire Girls State Citizen.  Araeh Quinlan has been chosen as our Alternate.  

In the event that our EGS citizen or any of the other 4 girls chosen for Washington County cannot go, Araeh will be asked to fill the position.

The other juniors who interviewed were:  Haley Corlew, Abigail Desiatio, Hannah Festa, and Karley Streiber.

We would like to thank all of the girls who met with us.  We were impressed with their interviews. We would like to be able to send more girls, however there are only 360 chosen for the state and only 5 are allowed to go from Washington County.  We do not get to send an EGS Citizen every year because it is on a rotation with the other towns.

Past EGS Citizens have had positive experiences and made new friendships which made lasting impressions on them.

Some of our past EGS Citizens are:  Lyndsy Hilder and Andrea Haynes (2018) and Olivia Roberts & Audra Quick (2017). finalists