Distance Learning Luncheon

Distance Learning Luncheon
Posted on 03/27/2020

One of the positive aspects of Distance Learning is the extent to which it allows students the opportunity to interact and develop relationships with peers from various school districts.  Recent activities in Mrs. Bunker’s Marine Science classes and Mr. Lambert’s Sports & Society class serve as great examples of this reality.

Granville’s foremost practitioner of Distance Learning, Mrs. Bunker teaches five sections of Marine Science that, combined, include students from Granville and 11 other school districts.  Over the course of a three-day span the first week of March, many cooperating schools (Schuylerville, South Glens Falls, Cambridge, Warrensburg, Hadley, Corinth, Salem, and Amsterdam) visited Granville to meet their Golden Horde counterparts and partake in a lab activity in which they dissected perch and dogfish sharks.  According to Mrs. Bunker, the lab provided a great opportunity for students to interact and proved a success. “This lab day gives students a chance to meet in person, as well as an opportunity to complete a hands-on activity. Many students said they liked meeting their classmates and that they enjoyed being able to compare bony fish to cartilaginous fish by doing a dissection of dogfish sharks,” Bunker stated.

Timed to coordinate perfectly with Mrs. Bunker’s hosting of her Amsterdam pupils, on March 5th Mr. Lambert’s Sports & Society class welcomed its Amsterdam and Whitehall students.  Upon arriving at the school, the visitors enjoyed pleasantly socializing with their Granville counterparts. Subsequently, a majority of the group participated in a friendly game of basketball while Whitehall’s Anthony Jones took on Granville’s Jamie Wilson in a hard fought game of badminton.


Subsequently, the Sports & Society class and its teaching assistants were joined for lunch by the Amsterdam students that had just completed Mrs. Bunker’s Marine Science lab.  A wonderful meal (buffalo mac and cheese, ziti, salad, rolls, and butter, glazed carrots, and punch) was prepared by Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Rathbun, and their Journey’s II students.  Throughout lunch, the students from the three schools involved chatted informally, further strengthening the bonds formed through their Distance Learning classes. The meal was capped off with a dessert consisting of delicious ultimate brownies.

Mrs. Nelson was quick to laud the value of her students’ involvement in preparing and enjoying lunch with the DL students, commenting, “It was a rare and great opportunity for our students to interact with students from other districts.”  Whitehall teaching assistant Grant Gebo, a former wrestler and current Railroader wrestling coach, has enjoyed his involvement in this year's Sports & Society class. He was also eager to emphasize the value of the group gathering. “The trip was very enjoyable. Everyone at Granville was very welcoming toward us, and it was great to see the students interacting face to face, instead of only on the screen. I know the Whitehall guys had fun on the trip and had a great time seeing everyone in person and enjoying the great meal,” Gebo said.

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In his third year of teaching Sports & Society as a Distance Learning class, Mr. Lambert emphasized the class is about so much more than studying athletics and their impact on our lives.  “While the content of the course is certainly important, if our students can learn strong leadership and interpersonal skills and create positive relationships and memories, in my mind our objectives have been met.  Hosting students from our remote sites plays a pivotal role in this process,” said Lambert.