Student Professional Development Day

Student Professional Development Day
Posted on 10/09/2020
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On October 7, 2020, Granville JSHS hosted it's first student professional development day. The purpose of the day was to give students a choice of different topics to study as well as to find out more about after school opportunities available to them. Some of our students were able to share their impressions of the day:

From Rachel Crossman - 

First period, the senior class had their class meeting, in which I attended. There were about 30+ students who attended the meeting. Many students just watched and listened, as some students opened the minds of the teachers and other students with their creative ideas and words of wisdom. The teachers, Ms. Becker and Mrs. Colombo were open to ideas and opinions of future plans and changes. Some students seemed very proactive on making this year the best that we can. Our class advisors were very supportive of that.

In the meeting, we discussed various things like our Junior Prom that got swept out from underneath our feet last year. Colombo and Becker both stated that they are privately discussing plans and ideas among themselves to try to make our prom happen, but before they open their ideas to the students and public, they want it to be confirmed that it will happen to avoid let down feelings and drama or conflict. Another discussion formed in the meeting was our ideas of fundraisers. We don’t have any plans on how we will raise money, considering we have to do fundraising completely different this year. We discussed ways to go about it and different ways to make it happen safely and effectively. The students in our class and our class advisors plan to work together as a whole to make this a fun year despite the unfortunate circumstances we are under. We plan to do the best we can at making our senior year a memorable one, whether we get to fulfill it the same ways the past seniors have fulfilled there’s or not. 

The PD Day was very beneficial and was a good mental break for students and teachers. It took our minds away from the stress of school and assignments and brought us together to discuss topics we may want to discuss, or get help/information in the areas we need it most. I would like to see a day similar to this one in the future.

From Caroline Gould -

To start the first ever Professional Development day for students, I attended the Senior Class Meeting during first period. Many other seniors attended as well. Our advisors Mrs. Colombo and Ms. Becker are trying their best to make our Senior year somewhat normal. Unfortunately, it is not going to be easy. However, with the help from the entirety of the Class of 2021, many ideas and opinions can be taken into consideration to make our Senior year the best it can be. 

During the meeting with some fellow Seniors, there were arising questions about going back to school in-person. In our school district, the Juniors and Seniors have yet to return to school in-person. Instead, they are attending virtually. It was helpful to retain the information about the time we need to be at school, when we have to wear a mask, what entrance we need to use, and where the seniors that drive can park. This is something that will be very difficult to normalize. We have always had the same routine and process of attending school, but COVID-19 has sadly changed that. Furthermore, the topic of prom, homecoming, and lights week were also commonly asked questions. There are no definite answers on those events, it is all a waiting game. In my opinion, attending this class meeting was certainly beneficial to all. 

The Professional Development day for students is something that I would like to see in the future. It was interesting to see what it may look like for teachers when they had professional development days in previous years. The variety of classes given each period of the day most certainly fulfilled most students interests and desires. The class meetings are a good way to inform students about what is going on and what needs to be discussed for their class. In addition, the class meetings should be mandatory for all students for their grade level. It is a good way to bring the class together again. Overall, the Professional Development Day was a success and myself along with other students think it should be offered again.

More reviews will be shared soon!