New York State Business and Marketing Honor Society

New York State Business and Marketing Honor Society
Posted on 05/20/2020
Each year the Granville Business Department selects business students to represent our school by nominating those that have met the requirements, for membership in the New York State Business and Marketing Honor Society. 

Each of these students completed a business curriculum with an average grade of 88 and an overall average of 85 in all of their high school classes.  They must also model the behaviors of scholarship, service, and leadership for their peers, families, and community.

The Granville Business faculty of Terry Wheeler and James Gilman is honored to announce the 2020 nominees to the NYSBMHS.

They are:
Clarissa LeBell
Christopher Birchmore
Michael Martin
Alex Royer
Anthony Royer
Faith Ludwig
Logan Haskins
Logan Beebe
Will Li
Quin Fitzpatrick
Mike Belanger

Current members include the following:
Ford Smith 
Taylor Bourn
Jarrett Williams
Timothy J. Wilson
Alix Prouty
Dylan Ludwikowski
Rebecca Deepe
Brendan Printy

Each of these students has earned their honor through hard work, focus, and a passion for business.


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(Author Credit to Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Gilman for this article.)