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As part of the Jr Sr High's building goal of delivering at least one parent assembly this year, a workgoup of volunteers was formed. Since we can't provide in-person learning events for families, we decided to create this page to begin to post materials we think may help families navigate this school year.

Of course, there are so many topics we could tag and share but we will try to be thoughtful and share only key ones that directly tie to the work you see your students completing in school. 

If you have a topic, you'd like to see us cover, please email it directly to Mrs. Meade at [email protected] .

Committee Members
Elizabeth Chiverton
PJ Sommo
Lisa Meade

Post #1 A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom  11/20/20

Copy of the deck in the video is HERE

Post #2  A Parent Portal  11/25/20

The best place to check on a student’s grades is through the Parent Portal. While some teachers may post some grades in Google Classroom, all teachers are required to maintain an electronic gradebook that is part of the Parent Portal. By mid-December, our teachers will be able to sync Google Classroom grades with Parent Portal information so it is all in one place for you!

The eSchool Parent Portal is a web-based communication tool which allows you to access your student’s academic profiles via the internet anytime, anywhere.  With one account, you will have online access to all of your children enrolled in the school district.  Student schedules, attendance, gradebooks, progress reports, report cards, and transcripts, as well as immunizations, may be available depending on what grade your child is in.  Parents/guardians who do not currently have a Parent Portal account can apply for one by visiting the school district website at , scroll down to just below “About Us” to find the link to the Parent Portal.  To register for a Parent Portal account, click on Parent Portal Registration on the login screen (you will need the student ID number of at least one of your children), or contact Bridget Liebig ([email protected] or 518-642-1051, ext. 2311) in the High School Guidance Office and she can assist you in setting it up.

A mobile version is also available! This may be a better option for parents and guardians wanting to monitor student info by phone. Sign up!


Cheat Sheet for Navigating the Parent Portal - (thank you Mrs. Liebig for this wonderful resource!)

Post #3 - Tips for Families as Spring Begins
- an interactive newsletter created by Mrs. Chiverton and Mr. Sommo.

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