AIS Planning Document for 21-22


AIS - Academic Intervention Services

Granville Jr Sr High School


Grades 7 and 8

Tutorial Period

The master schedule will include a tutorial period for all MS students as part of each instructional day. Teams can reorganize groups based on the support needed by individual students.  Core content teachers will provide AIS during these tutorial periods. Special Education Teachers will also provide this (AIS) support through assigned tutorial periods, as schedules allow. Resource Rooms might also be scheduled during this time to meet IEP requirements. 

Additional AIS periods may be offered in ELA and/or Math where teacher and student schedules allow. 

All middle school students will receive benchmark testing 3 times per year in ELA (CommonLit) and Math (Iready.) These results will be reviewed in conjunction with student grades and teacher feedback at least after each administration.  Results from these assessments will be shared with families. 

Grades 9-12

How are high school students identified for AIS?

Any student who scores below level 3 on an intermediate assessment must be reviewed for the need for AIS in high school. AIS can take various forms including a mentor, progress monitoring, direct AIS services and our other school support services. 

AIS placement is also based on the prior year’s course performance in a particular subject. On all occasions, NYSED requires that multiple measures are used to determine the need for AIS. This could include Iready results, report card grades, state test results and other evaluations available to instructional teams. Finally, per SED regulations, any student who fails a Regents examination in English language arts, mathematics, social studies or science must receive AIS. 

AIS teachers provide direct instructional support to students as scheduled. AIS providers are sometimes assisted by other core teachers who are assigned an AIS period as a duty.  Mrs. Jennifer Gaulin, AIS/Reading Teacher, helps to coordinate the parent notification requirements for the high school students enrolled in AIS.  Parents will be notified in writing when AIS services are to be discontinued. This communication will indicate the criteria for ending services, the current performance level of the student, and the assessment(s) that were used to determine the student’s level of performance. Parents are also notified at the start of AIS services. At the JSHS level, this appears as a course on the student’s schedule. 

Every report card will include a progress report comment so that families can monitor student performance in their AIS courses. 

The high school learning lab will combine a variety of academic support options for students. Services include small group instruction/review to support core academic classes, academic intervention services to prepare students for exams, and tutoring services that allow students to visit the center for help with any core academic classes.  Students that have not passed required Regents exams will be assigned to a content-specific AIS period (when core teacher is assigned) in preparation to retake the examination in January and/or June.

Other types of AIS in addition to AIS courses that may appear on a student’s schedule include:

Summer School

Homework Club - before school/after school

Counseling Services

Mental Health Referrals

Parent Communication

At a minimum, the parent/guardian of a student receiving academic intervention services must receive the following:

A parent-teacher conference can be scheduled upon request. AIS Providers also attend Open House in the Fall in order to make contact with families at the start of the year. 

Quarterly progress reports during the regular school year. These reports may be by mail, telephone, telecommunications, or included in the student's report card. Such reports should be translated into the native language of the parent(s), where appropriate. The district must also make additional accommodations for parent(s) with different modes of communication, such as the visually impaired or those with limited literacy skills in English or their native language.

Information on ways parent(s) can work with their child, monitor their child's progress, and work with teachers and other educators providing academic intervention services to improve their child's achievements.

Diploma Status

AIS courses are not credit bearing courses. The receipt of a high school diploma is based on meeting specific course requirements and successfully passing required Regents examinations. AIS helps students to meet learning standards and to pass their examinations.


Any questions or concerns about AIS programming in the Jr Sr High School can be directed to Mrs. Meade, JSHS Principal at  [email protected].