To allow ample opportunity for our teachers and staff to prepare the Junior Senior High School classrooms for the arrival of students, the start date for students in grades 7-12 will be moved from 9/6 to 9/8. 

The school calendar will be amended at Monday night's BOE meeting to reflect this change. In addition, the previously scheduled JH/SH Professional Development Days in November and March will now be regular student class days. 

*This does not change the modified sports practice schedules or the game schedules. 

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About Us

Golden Opportunities Start Here is more than just a saying at the Granville Central School District. Due to very strong community support, the district has been able to offer a rich academic program far exceeds that norm for a  district of its size. 

Granville has committed to, not just simply providing  required school course work, but to providing learners with a host of opportunities and enrichments to support and enhance their educational experience. Granville students have access to numerous  Advanced Placement, college credit bearing and career preparation programs.
In addition, Granville has award winning Future Farmers of America, business and technology programs as well as extracurricular  and athletic programs to meet the diverse interests of the student body.  

Come and start your journey towards Golden Opportunities today. 

Beecher Baker, Interim Principal
Tammy Treen, Assistant Principal
Justin Nassivera, Athletic Directo

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