Coach Nassivera

Justin Nassivera Takes on New Role at Granville Junior/Senior High School

Justin Nassivera is adding the Dean of Students for Granville Junior/Senior High School title to his office door. 

“Having a dean of students is important to our district,” said Superintendent Tom McGurl. “While our Junior/Senior High School principal is responsible for all the elements of running a school, the dean of students is wholly focused on the student. He will help resolve conflicts, bullying issues, and improve the climate in our school.” 

Mr. Nassivera served as a physical education teacher, coach, and athletic director at Granville. He developed a great rapport with students; this new role is a natural outgrowth of these relationships.

“I am going into my eighth year at Granville, and the support I have received from students, colleagues, parents, and other community members has been incredible,” said Mr. Nassivera. “I love attending sporting events, school functions, fundraisers, and other community events. The school has become a second home for me.”

It’s this passion that motivates Mr. Nassivera to provide a positive and safe environment for Granville students. One of the first things Mr. Nassivera would like to tackle as dean of students is reducing absences and tardies to school. 

“It’s important for a student to be in the classroom not only for the academic piece but for the social and emotional benefits as well,” said Nassivera. “When students miss a day of school, it puts them two days behind their classmates. Students with good attendance generally achieve higher grades and enjoy school more.”

Other goals include reducing the amount of discipline referrals that result in suspension or time away from the classroom. This will take a building culture change as well as a change in student culture. 

“It is not a shift that will happen overnight, but something that can improve and will benefit everyone.”

Mr. Nassivera will continue to serve as athletic director. He is married to Lexi and has two dogs: Mischa, a 7-year-old German shepherd, and Mulligan, a 2-year-old mix breed from a local rescue.