Mrs Kilby

Cathy Kilby Wins Teacher of the Week Award!

Cathy Kilby, Junior/Senior High School math teacher, was recognized as an Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week! The award honors local school employees who positively impact their students and school communities!

The nomination for Mrs. Kilby described how much she cares for each one of her students.

“She loves to help her students with their math lessons and works to help them understand how math skills will help them throughout their lives. Math can be challenging, but Mrs. Kilby puts in a lot of time helping her students succeed and perform well on their regent exams each year. She is passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping her students thrive,” said her nominee.

The award is not only for her excellence in the classroom but also for her significant role in shaping the educational experience at Granville.

“As we celebrate this well-deserved honor, we extend our gratitude to Mrs. Kilby for the dedication she brings to school every day,” said Junior/Senior High School Interim Principal Mark Doody.