music students

Musicians At Granville Hit All The Right Notes 

Harmonious sounds fill the band room and spill into the corridors of Granville's Junior/Senior High School. The students have been practicing a challenging piece that is finally coming together. 

Under the guidance of Junior/Senior High Band Director Jessica Stout, these young musicians have flourished, improving their skills and cultivating a deep appreciation for the art of music.

"My students work hard and take pride in their work. They motivate me by showing up and taking what we do seriously," said Ms. Stout. 

One of these students is Conor Thomas, a seventh-grade trombone player. He plays in the Junior Band, Senior Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Marching Band. He also hopes to join the Poultney-Granville Community Band this summer and plans to study music in college. 

"My dream school is Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, but I would also love to attend Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. After school, I would like to move to NYC and audition for a job as principal trombonist of an orchestra," said Conor.

Seniors Natalie Morin and Tyler Aldous also plan to have careers in music. Natalie, who has played the flute and piccolo since fourth grade, is in the Senior Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, and Jazz Band and will pursue a music major next year to become a band director. 

Tyler, who has played the trumpet and piano since fifth grade, will be studying to be a music teacher. He plays in the Senior Band, Jazz Band, and a Jazz Combo composed of teachers and students. He takes lessons with Professor Thompson at Castleton University and is also part of the Castleton Jazz Ensemble.

According to Ms. Stout, music is more than just notes and rhythms. It has the ability to affect us emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically. 

"The arts have great power to lift us up, cure loneliness, unite a cause, or just fill a need in our daily lives," said Ms. Stout. 

For Kaiden Dupuis – an eighth grader who plays the trumpet, Irish tin whistle, piano, and violin – music helps in all areas of life. 

"Music helps me stay cool and level-headed when I'm stressed about my work. It helps me think through any issues I have and make a plan for a solution," said Kaiden. 

Being involved in the music program at Granville has also enriched Senior Taylor Hoyt's life beyond simply mastering the clarinet and alto saxophone. 

"Being involved in music has helped me form amazing relationships and bonds with people I may not have made. The long bus rides and events we do allow us to share our lives, and we have become a very close-knit group. I will carry the relationships and experiences I have had in this program for years to come," Taylor said. 

Ms. Stout loves seeing students develop personally and musically, from seventh-grade music students to graduating seniors. 

"These students are a joy to watch as they grow as musicians and people, and I am proud of their accomplishments. It's not just about participating in many music events; it's their dedication to the craft of music-making that I find admirable," said Ms. Stout.

"The skills and discipline developed through music will serve our students well in any endeavor they pursue," said Interim Principal Mark Doody. "We're incredibly proud of our student musicians and can't wait to see what they'll accomplish next."

music students