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Granville's Female Grapplers Reach Two-Year Milestone On The Mat

Two years ago, Granville Junior/Senior High School welcomed its first girls' wrestling team. Led by dedicated coaches and fueled by the love of the sport, the team has quickly become an impressive presence in the local wrestling scene. 

“This team has made history. It was one of the first teams of its kind in New York State, the first Adirondack League Champion, and the first competitor to go to the States," said Coach Steve Palmer. 

The team includes girls from grades 7 to 12, and has received considerable support from the community. 

"The reception has been very positive. Many people have expressed that they wish girls' wrestling had started years ago!" said Coach Palmer. 

This was tenth grader Madelaine Wilson's first year on the team. She has been curious about wrestling since she was a little girl. 

"My brother wrestled, so I grew up around it and always wanted to try it out. This past season was my first year, and I have finally found a sport with everything I'm looking for. It's always fun being on the mats," she said. 

Her teammate, senior Melissa Beaver, was also interested in wrestling at a young age. 

"I became interested in wrestling when my brother started. I wrestled once when I was little and decided to try again my senior year. The wrestling experience was exciting, and everyone was supportive and encouraging. People wanted to see what a girls wrestling team could do," said Melissa. 

It turns out a lot! The 13-member team was Adirondack League champions this year with an overall record of 5-0. 

"These athletes have demonstrated remarkable skill, determination, and unity. Wrestling is first and foremost an individual sport, but the girls brought a deeper team mentality that helped them succeed," said Coach Palmer.