Spirit Night 2024

A Night of Spirit and Celebration at Granville

The seniors had a simple wish for this year's spirit night: to relive the packed house experience they had as eighth graders. Thanks to the hard work of students and staff and support from the community, their wish became a reality. 

"During our first meeting for spirit club this year, we asked the kids what they wanted to get out of spirit night. The seniors spoke up and said the only thing they wanted was to have a full gym like they remembered from eighth grade. That spirit night was held the day before COVID restrictions were implemented. So, our mission became to fill the gym for them this year. We were so happy that we could give them this memory of their senior year," said Ashlee Zinn, spirit night advisor. 

In addition to Mrs. Zinn, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Sklar, & Ms. Coley all served as advisors with the help of past advisors like Mrs. Colombo. The Granville PTO helped with purchasing spirit night t-shirts and also donated money to the club. They also helped run the concession stand. Physical education teachers helped with supplies and served as referees. Mr. Tewksbury, social studies teacher and track and field coach, was the emcee and did a great job keeping the night rolling! 

spirit nightSpirit Night 2024

Separated into blue and yellow teams, the students competed in games like Plunger Races / Hungry Hungry Hippos, Elephant Trunk Race, Blanket Race, Head Shoulders Cup, and the Rock Paper Scissors Relay with the sixth graders who were special guests this year.

spirit night

Spirit Night 2024

"When the first game started with the plungers, the laughter in the gym was so loud and infectious. It was exactly the night we were hoping for," said senior Megan Hover

Spirit Night was also used to fill the shelves for the school's backpack program. Admission was free, but a donation to the backpack program was suggested and the community came through!


"The backpack program directly helps Granville kids, so we were so happy to see so many items donated. By the end of the event, we had two large boxes filled!" said Mrs. Nichols. 

"Spirit Night is a cherished tradition that brings our community together. Events like this remind us of the incredible spirit within our school," said Superintendent Tom McGurl.