Last week the Track and Field team competed in the Adirondack League Championship meet and we had some amazing results across the boys and girls teams. A total of 32 awards were won by different members of the boys and girls team. 


On the girls team the following athletes placed and received a medal or a ribbon. 

Amber Gibbs: 1st - 3000m Run, 1st 2000m Steeplechase and 3rd - 4x100m.  

Cali Powell: 3rd100m Hurdles, 3rd - 4x100m and 6th- Long Jump. 

Amara Towne: 3rd - 4x100m.

Gracie Hall: 3rd - 4x100m.

The boys team scored second place overall and brought home a trophy! 


On the boys team the following athletes placed and received a medal or a ribbon.

Hayden Villarreal: 1st- 3200m Run and 1st- 4x800m. 

Chase Oakman: 4th- 3200m Run and 6th- 1600m Run. 

Timothy Pratt: 1st- 110m Hurdles, 1st- High Jump, 2nd- 4x100m, and 3rd- Shot Put. 

Matt Ruigrok: 5th- 110 Meter Hurdles.  

Nick Powers: 1st- Shot Put, 2nd- 4x100m, 3rd- Discus Throw and 3rd- 100m Dash. 

Conner Gregorio: 2nd- 4x100m and 5th- 100m Dash. 

Jaxon Torres:  5th-3000m Steeplechase and 6th- Long Jump. 

Bryan Ellis: 6th- Boys Discus Throw. 

Tristen Teer: 400m Hurdles and 3rd- 4x400m Relay.

Matthew Vladyka: 1st- 4x800m, 3rd- 400m, 3rd- 4x400m Relay and 3rd- High Jump.

Noah Teer: 3rd- 4x400m Relay and 6th- 400m.

Carter Powell: 1st- 4x800m, 2nd- 800m and 3rd- 4x400m.

Parker Cornwall: 1st- 4x800m, 4th- 800m, and 3rd-3000m Steeplechase.

Daniel Waite: 5th- 200m and 2nd- 4x100m.

Ryan Shaw: 6th- 200m.

Jackson Ketcham: 6th-Shot Put. 

For the Adirondack League, Hayden Villarreal was awarded the MVP Distance runner award. 

Today, 19 athletes will be traveling to Coxsackie-Athens to compete in the Group 4 Sectionals Meet!